Toddler Food Hacks and Nutrition Tips

I found this really fun info-graphic on Toddler Nutrition¬†know-how. Secrets to success from the kitchens of real life Canadian Moms. I don’t see how the Canadian part makes a difference. Us moms in the US go through the same thing. You may or may not know these already but a quick refresher always helps.

Top 5 popular tricks moms use to feed their toddlers:

  1. Hide vegetables in other foods
  2. Play, “1 for you 1 for me” game…
  3. Puree your fruits, veggies and add them to other foods
  4. Let your toddler dip vegetables into salad dressing
  5. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes and sizes



Feeding is a struggle because thats a trait that all toddlers have. Don’t get too worried, your child can actually sustain with the little they do get for a longer period of time. Try your best to give them nutritious whole foods, but don’t beat yourself up too much if you cant get them to eat. Its quite normal for this age. If you have some tricks of your own, leave a comment.

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