Toddler Food Hacks and Nutrition Tips

I found this really fun info-graphic on Toddler Nutrition know-how. Secrets to success from the kitchens of real life Canadian Moms. I don’t see how the Canadian part makes a difference. Us moms in the US go through the same thing. You may or may not know these already but a quick refresher always helps.

Top 5 popular tricks moms use to feed their toddlers:

  1. Hide vegetables in other foods
  2. Play, “1 for you 1 for me” game…
  3. Puree your fruits, veggies and add them to other foods
  4. Let your toddler dip vegetables into salad dressing
  5. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes and sizes



Feeding is a struggle because thats a trait that all toddlers have. Don’t get too worried, your child can actually sustain with the little they do get for a longer period of time. Try your best to give them nutritious whole foods, but don’t beat yourself up too much if you cant get them to eat. Its quite normal for this age. If you have some tricks of your own, leave a comment.

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The Dangers of Skipping Breakfast

Since we were young we have all been told never to skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. I guess not many of you listened. Approximately 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. There is a laundry list of excuses people give for doing so. Yes our mornings are busy and who really has time to think about breakfast. There just aren’t enough hours in day. Or maybe skipping breakfast is easier because you can just make up for it during lunch. Or my favorite, I am skipping breakfast because I want to lose weight. Well, no one really explained to us why it is the most important meal of the day so naturally, we come up with a 1001 excuses to NOT do it. Smart? Maybe not.

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3 easy ways

How to easily conquer cravings without the guilt?

Chocolate, Ice Cream, Soda, Coffee, Potato Chips

What do all these foods have in common? These are the most craved foods of today. We have all had those menacing cravings. You just had a fulfilling dinner, you sit down on the couch to watch an episode of The Walking Dead and then suddenly you start feeling hungry. Not like zombie hungry, but worse. Is that really hunger? How can you be hungry, you just had a filling dinner? But if you listen a little, you don’t want just anything. You want something sweet, something crunchy, something chocolatey and creamy. Well good news, that’s not hunger.  Bad news, its a craving! Pregnant women arent the only ones that get them. We all have gone through them, regardless of our gender or age. By the end of this post not only will you know what NOT to do when you have cravings, but 3 awesome yet simple ways you can conquer them. (more…)

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The BMI Challenge

What’s your BMI?

Today, I have a mini-challenge for you guys. I am sure all of us have heard of Body Mass Index (BMI). It is a tool that is utilized to tell us whether we are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Medical professionals use this tool to determine the amount of body fat in our body with regards to height and weight. Many of us think very low about our bodies, we think we are too fat or too skinny (but mostly it’s too fat). Here is a challenge for you all to see how well you know your body.First, look at the body silhouettes that are pictured below.Then determine which number describes your body size the best.

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