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A mother, wife and student of Nutrition.

Hi! I am glad you stopped by. This is Sumayya, it’s probably easier to call me Sumi (pronounced: SUE-ME).  First, let’s establish some things. No, I am not a Registered Dietitian (RD) YET! However, I am working my way up to it. Currently, I am a graduate student who is almost done with her Masters in Nutritional Sciences (last Qtr). I do consider myself a nutritionist because I have quiet a bit of knowledge in the subject (not to toot my own horn) and it is my passion.  I am here to share my knowledge, my experiences, my activities and my life. I have a wonderful and amazing husband and a beautiful daughter, who I experiment with daily. I promise to keep it honest, real and filled with fun facts.  I am a person who enjoys talking and helping. If you ask me a question it makes my day! So feel free and ask away (that rhymes)!

What made me want to go into nutrition?

This is probably the most asked question I get from people. I can’t pinpoint at which moment in my life exactly I decided to pursue a profession as an RD. I just knew from an early point in my life that I wanted to do something that makes a difference. Ya, I know “that’s what they all say”. For a really long time I had entertained the idea of becoming a doctor. I even majored in Biological Sciences during my undergrad, but didn’t feel satisfied. This got me thinking, what could I do to make a difference. *DING*. What about if I got into something which everyone could implement in their daily lives. By everyone I mean EVERYONE starting from kids to senior citizens. I took a look around my family and man oh man do they have a myriad of diseases. All of them looking for a magic pill or cure to help them. But the most simple solution to all of their problems was to modify their diet just a little. It was these experiences that motivated me into eating better and pushed me towards nutrition.

I strongly believe that our body is a gift and far too many abuse it and wonder why it doesn’t treat them well in return. We are what we eat and its such a big deal. The way you feel on a daily basis is directly correlated with what you put in to your body and how you take care of it. Those who eat healthy and live an active life are happier and more content. More than a third of America is obese and suffer from chronic diseases that stem from unhealthy lifestyle. There are many, just like myself, that are fighting this culture with weapons of mass nutrition and an active lifestyle. Before I set off to change the world I decided to start with my own family.
As a mom, I have to be creative in making healthy and nutritious foods that my daughter will enjoy. She loves snacking and I make sure the pantry and fridge are always stocked with foods that are healthy and yummy. No one said that eating healthy had to be expensive or tasteless. So come on this journey with me as we learn more, eat better and savor our lives!


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